Donos Periosteal

Developed in conjunction with Professor Nikolaos Donos, a Key Opinion Leader from the United Kingdom, the Donos Periosteal is designed to facilitate efficient flap elevation.




  • Facilitates flap elevation in the posterior areas such as distal sites and lower molars, allowing for lingual and buccal access
  • Working ends are not sharp so it does not create injustice to soft tissue
  • Different sized working ends allow for elevation in both anterior and posterior
  • Working end angulation allows for elevating connective tissue grafts



  • Performance engineered coating for a harder, smoother surface for optimal edge retention and enhanced lubricity
  • Distinct black finish for enriched contrast and visual acuity at the surgical site and underlying tissue
  • Reduced light reflection afforded by a matte finished handle and black working ends
  • Unique, smooth, large diameter lightweight handle for maximum comfort, reduced
  • hand fatigue and increased control
  • Handcrafted with Immunity Steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance



Black Line from Hu-Friedy


PDONOS Donos Periosteal, Black Line


Dr.Rino Burkhardt

Dr. Nikolas Donos

Currently, Professor Donos is the Director of Research at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute and the Chair of the Department of Clinical Research. At the same time, he is the Program Director for the MClinDent training program in Periodontology as well as co-Director for the training program in Implant Dentistry. In 2009, Professor Donos became Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Hong Kong and at Griffiths University, Australia. In 2011, Professor Donos was awarded the prestigious annual IADR-Periodontology Group Award in Periodontal Regenerative Medicine during the annual IADR meeting in San Diego, California. Furthermore, in June 2011, Professor Donos together with his research team received a commentation certificate during the prestigious Medical Futures event for their (UCLB) patented technology which is based on their research work on synthetic peptide drugs for bone, blood vessels and nerve regeneration. The clinical expertise of Professor Donos is in the field of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. He undertakes all type of non- surgical and surgical procedures in periodontics and implants and he has significant experience and expertise in periodontal and bone tissue regeneration, implant related surgical procedures as well as treatment of peri-implantitis, topics which he regularly lectures on a national and international level.