Titanium Implant Scalers

Perform at your best!

Made from the same Titanium alloy as implants and abutments, these scalers are expertly designed and manufactured for implant maintenance, debridement, biofilm removal and can be used both Supra and Subgingival. The anodize color tips increase visual acuity and since the cutting edges are anodize-free, the scalers can be sharpened at any time.

IMP204SDT Titanium Imp Scaler 204SD
IMPLG1/2T Titanium Imp Curette Langer 1/2
IMPM1/2T Titanium Imp Curette Mini Five 1/2
IMPM11/12T Titanium Imp Curette Mini Five 11/12
IMPM13/14T Titanium Imp Curette Mini Five 13/14

The new Titanium Implant Scalers are available in 5 variants, including:

  • 204SD Sickle Scaler, featuring a contra angle design for enhanced access to distal surfaces
  • Langer 1/2 Curette, ideal for the mandibular posterior surfaces
  • Mini Five Curette 1/2, 11/12, and 13/14, which deftly respond to the challenge of deep and/or narrow pockets with their shorter, thinner blades and longer terminal shanks.


Improved visual acuity with Hu-Friedy’s signature Teal colored Anodized Titanium
Optimized sharpness with cutting edges that are finely honed and sharpened post Anodization process
Enhanced instrument characteristics for Implant maintenance with the ability to remove calculus and biofilm
Increased instrument value with the ability to be sharpened at any time to extend the useful life of the instrument
Ergonomic sensitivity featuring our Ergo handle that offers a large diameter and cross/hatch design for maximum tactile grip and support


What's more

using the Titanium implant scalers?
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Did you know
how to sharpen your instrument at best?

The anodization does not extend to the cutting edges of the instrument and it can be sharpened at any time using the same technique as a regular hand scaler. We do suggest using a dedicated stone to avoid cross contamination of other instrument particles embedding into the Titanium surface.

Check the right SHARPENING STONE here