Feature and Benefits:

  • A uniform coating of industrial diamonds bonded to high quality stainless steel provides an extremely hard, flat surface for instrument sharpening.

  • Available in three grit levels to satisfy sharpening needs from regular maintenance to reconditioning.

  • Durable surface resists grooving and ditching; remains flat after repeated use and will not break or shatter if dropped.

  • Easy clean-up via ultrasonic cleaner and steam sterilization.

  • No oil lubrication needed for sharpening procedures.

  • Thin credit-card size shape allows sharpening cards to readily fit into sterilization pouches or cassettes with procedural set-ups.


"The ease and speed of sharpening was amazing!"

"I find the Diamond Sharpening Cards very easy to adapt to the edge. I also liked the fact that you could just include one in each instrument set-up because they are easily sterilizable."


Q: What is a Diamond Sharpening Card?

A: Hu-Friedy’s Diamond Sharpening Cards are a new choice in dental instrument sharpening. A high quality stainless steel card is coated on one side with very small industrial grade diamonds to create a very hard, flat yet abrasive sharpening surface.

Q: Are Diamond Sharpening Cards available in different grits?
A: Diamond Sharpening Cards are available in three grits: Extra fine, Fine, and Medium. Cards with more abrasive grits are embedded with slightly larger diamonds and will sharpen faster than those with less abrasive grits.

Q: What grit size should I use?
A: The Medium grit card is ideal for instruments needing reconditioning to help quickly restore a sharp edge. The Fine grit card can be used for regular maintenance sharpening on instruments that are slightly dull. The Extra Fine grit card will enhance and refine an already sharp surface.

Q: What kind of lubrication is needed to sharpen with Diamond Sharpening Cards?

A: Diamond Sharpening Cards can readily be used dry or, if preferred, with water. No oil is needed for lubrication.

Q: How are Diamond Sharpening Cards cleaned?
A: Diamond Sharpening Cards can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner after sharpening. Alternatively, the card can also be cleaned by rinsing under water and scrubbing with a soft brush to remove any remaining metal filings.

Q: Can the Diamond Sharpening Card be Sterilized?
A: Diamond Sharpening Cards can be steam sterilized. The sterilizer equipment manufacturer’s compatibility with specific materials must be observed.
Some minor discoloration or mottling may eventually occur, but this will not affect the performance of the card.

Q: Can Diamond Sharpening Cards be put in a sterilization pouch or cassette with my instruments?
A: The Diamond Sharpening Card can be included in procedural set-ups including bagettes and cassettes.

Q: How do I use a Diamond Sharpening Card?
A: The same sharpening techniques and angles that are used with traditional sharpening stones can be used with the Diamond Sharpening Cards. Please see Hu-Friedy’s “It’s About Time” sharpening manual/DVD (SDVD).

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